Welcome to Dibayou:

Your Drop-Shipping partner for a sustainable Europe


Help our local economy by reducing our environmental impact:
it's a win-win solution!


Join our platform to offer your products access to the whole European Union market


Save on marketing costs and let us do the work for you with our extensive customer's database


We talk a lot about a better environment: it's time to take serious action. This is probably the last chance.


Made in Europe

Our economy becomes stronger by buying locally, thus reducing transport and pollution. At Dibayou we offer environmentally friendly and socially responsible products of all ranges. We strive to use European resources in order to give aid to our economy and to all small businesses which form and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. We have a drive and will to achieve positive changes to our Planet by contributing to charities and saving our Earth.


Variety of Products


Usually is more difficult to get noticed in a niche market because potential customers find something interesting without a specific search. Having a variety of products in our platform will help your products be more noticeable.



How much are you spending for marketing in social platforms? Are you achieving any real benefits? Marketing sustains a huge cost for any company entering new markets. Let us help you with our Drop Shipping business model because with us is free! At Dibayou we just ask for a small commission for our work and the risk is completely ours.


Eco Friendly

It’s the future: consumers want a safer life and to save our only home: planet Earth! We are committed to provide the safest biodegradable , recycled, non toxic, and biological products to our consumers.

Eco friendly sustainable products proudly made in Europe

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