When you experience widespread demand for a bag during various activities, finding the right bag can be a hard task. To overcome this situation, RUIGOR designed a unique multi-wear bag. The spacious RUIGOR MOTION 12 can be worn as a backpack, and a hand-carried duffel bag, with detachable shoulder straps. You are the one who decides. Thanks to the intelligent compartment system inside the bag, you can store your shoes in a separated footwear compartment. Furthermore, the bag is characterized by its durability and toughness, carrying bulky items is no problem.

Weight: 1250 g
Dimensions: 54 × 24 × 27 cm
Weight (Pound): 2.76 lb
Dimensions (Inch): 21″ × 9.45″ × 10.63″
Volume: 35 L
Color: Black
Material: Polyester, Water repellent
Pockets: External pockets with zippers, External side pockets with zipper, Footwear compartment, Safe: pocket
Extras: Multi-chamber organization, Reflective strip, SBS Zippers
Ergonomics: Buckle lock, Can be worn as a backpack 

RUIGOR MOTION 12 Duffelbag Black

  • This product is not returnable, but the supplier is providing a warranty policy for any damaged or defect  as long as any claims are placed within the agreed upon 5 days of the item being received. Customers will contact the retailer with any requests for repair and the retailer will then contact the supplier.